6th August 2018

Movie Review questions

German Expressionist film techniques:

  • The use of exaggerating different angles, shapes, lines and dark aspects
  • Dark themes depicting horror and supernatural aspects are a key part of German expressionist film, expressionist film strays from realism and instead explores different emotions that are attached and portrayed by characters.
  • White pale faces with no expression and dark shadows in the background are used in “Sweeney Todd” to “bring forward,” and highlight the characters, the use of dark shadows around the eyes is an example of Gothic makeup.

Chiaroscuro in Sweeney Todd:

In Sweeney Todd, Tim Burton uses Chiaroscuro (the contrast between light and dark) with a low-key lightning technique, low key lighting uses only one light and is used to create a darker and more moody theme. Within the attic scene is Sweeney Todd, the use of low-key lighting creates the effect of a shadowy background behind the characters, this effect outlines the face and in particular, the eyes. Sweeney Todd was a primarily dark film

Chiaroscuro in Sleepy Hollow


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